Based on a true story: BUILDING BRIDGES is a unique tale of loss, healing, acceptance and relationships; a meditation on the resilience of the soul.

On December 6, 1996, Ron Moore's world was shattered. All that he knew, trusted and loved was lost. Flashing back and forth in time, our film unflinchingly recounts the journey Ron is forced to make in the aftermath of this unthinkable tragedy. Anger, bargaining, and depression quickly take up the empty space left inside the home Ron once shared with his wife and family. Ron repeatedly struggles to find the way to bridge the distinguishable gap between remembering and forgetting. If he moves forward, tries to forget and opens his heart again, will he be denying his past, or simply living? And the idea of finding and falling in love for the second time in life is something Ron never thought possible. But love, like life, sometimes has the quiet power of sneaking up and flooring you…



The story of Ron Moore was brought to my attention when Cullen approached me about possibly directing his screenplay. After reading the script and learning Ron's story, I was captivated by how a man could possibly recover from such a horrific tragedy. The days following my first read, I couldn't stop thinking about what that journey must have been like; fueling my strong desire to bring it to the screen.

I have a very clear vision about the tone and visual style for telling this story. The challenge is to find a balance with levity and laughter amidst the pain and sorrow - because ultimately, this is a love story.

                                                                                - Tom Verica